Best Jack Stands: Lift with Confidence

When it comes to lifting your vehicle, every garage requires a set of jack stands. Here’s How to Choose the Best Jack Stands. After all, you will need them to support your car every time anything below it requires repairing, and this requirement might be pretty typical depending on how you drive. In light of the fact that jack stands are quite inexpensive, there is just no justification for not having them in your garage. Obviously, the quantity of items now available on the market, all of which are fighting for your attention, might make it difficult to choose the appropriate set. You may see our guide below, in which we examine the best available solutions and analyze the benefits of each one.

When Lifting Your Vehicle, Have Confidence Thanks to the Best Jack Stands

Advantages of Using Jack Stands

Improved sense of security it is not safe to depend on hydraulic jacks to keep your car suspended for lengthy periods of time. Hydraulic jacks are useful for elevating your vehicle in times of need, but this should be avoided. You are going to need jack stands for this. They have the necessary tensile strength to hold up your car and keep it off the ground while you do maintenance or repairs below it.

Maintenance of the tyres if you won’t be driving your car for many months, employing jack stands may help you keep the tyres in good condition while they’re sitting idle. Because all of the weight of the vehicle is distributed on a relatively small portion of each tyre, tyres that have been parked for extended periods of time are more likely to develop flat patches and dry rot.

Easier maintenance. If you have jack stands, you may do maintenance or repairs on your car in the convenience of your own garage. Taking your car into the service shop will no longer be necessary, which will save you both time and money.

Principal Attributes

Lifting Height

In terms of the maximum lifting height, various jack stands are designed to accommodate a variety of vehicles. It is essential that the tool you choose has the capability of maintaining the height of your vehicle at a level that enables you to operate beneath it. Because a tiny vehicle, such as a sedan or compact car, does not need to be lifted as high as a medium SUV or truck does, most jack stands will work just well for these vehicles. It may be more difficult to find one that can support a bigger car, but all you need to do is check the specifications of your jack stand to ensure that it can adjust to the height that you want.

Potential Load Bearing

The maximum load that a jack stand can support is another factor to think about when purchasing one. Stands normally come with capacities ranging from 1 to 10 tonnes, while certain models are designed to take far more weight than that. It goes without saying that using a jack stand for a car that it wasn’t built to hold is hazardous. Because of this, if you own a huge SUV or truck, you’ll need to be extra sure that the stand you purchase can sustain the weight of your vehicle. It is important to keep in mind that the weight that is specified for a set of jack stands relates to the overall weight that they are able to sustain when working together. For example, if the set is rated for 2 tonnes, this indicates that each stand is capable of supporting 1 tonne of weight.

The Standard of Construction

There is a wide variety in the level of craftsmanship that can be found in jack stands. Some are constructed using materials that are more robust and have improved resistance to rust and corrosion. Investing in stands that have a solid construction is your greatest choice for long-term savings, both in terms of money and in terms of peace of mind. They will definitely be more costly, but the piece of mind that comes from their enhanced longevity and dependability is well worth the investment.

Other Matters to Take Into Account

A mechanism for locking

In order for the stands to maintain a constant height, this method of securing them into place is required. The form of lock known as the pin lock is the most secure since there is a lower likelihood of the pin being dislodged or broken. Because it would have to rotate in order to adjust the height, the screw lock is the second most secure option because it cannot be changed while a vehicle is resting on it. The ratchet is safe, but it offers the lowest level of protection of the three options.

Construction of the saddle look for supports that have a broad saddle that the frame of your car may safely rest on. Instead of having a flat surface that the frame may slide off of, the design of some of them is contoured such that it can cradle the frame. Some stands of better quality feature a surface on the cradle that does not slide, which makes the arrangement more stable.

Base Size

The foot of the stand that is resting on the ground is referred to as the base size. A base that has a bigger diameter will provide more stability to the stand. Some of them even have additional welding that creates bigger feet on the foundation that they have. The larger the base has to be for the stand in order to provide the required support and stability, the higher the stand can rise.


Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands, Each Capable of Supporting 6 Tons; Sold in Pairs

These jack stands have a total weight capability of 6 tonnes, which is equivalent to 12,000 pounds. They come in a vibrant shade of red, while the lifting bars and saddles are black in tone. They are also available in a variety of weight capacities, allowing you to choose the appropriate set of tyres for the dimensions of your vehicle. You have your choice of 2, 3, 6, or 12 tonnes. The height may be adjusted anywhere from 15 3/8 inches to 23 13/16 inches.

The broad pyramid base of these jack stands is one of the features that contribute to its exceptional quality. You will benefit from the greatest possible strength and stability if you do this. Steel is used in their construction, and their frames are welded together. The broad saddle provides you with the highest degree of mobility as well as stability when you are using it.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of consistency in the quality of the welding. Before you use them, you should give yours a thorough inspection to make sure that the welds are firm. When these stands are extended to their maximum height, they also have the problem of being crooked in the middle of the stand.


Pro-Lift T-6903D Double Pin Jack Stand

These jack stands have a weight capacity of three tonnes, which indicates that they are suitable for use with cars as well as SUVs of a moderate size. They have a ratchet bar and a pin-lock mechanism for greater weight support, and they are made out of hardy steel throughout its construction. The ratchet bar is built from high-quality cast ductile iron, and altering the height of the bar is something that can be done swiftly, without any hiccups, and with complete self-assurance. There is a minimum lift height of 11 inches and a maximum lift height of 16.5 inches. In addition, the maker of these jack stands brags that they surpass ANSI/PALD requirements, which makes them appropriate for usage in a variety of settings like a farm, a shop, or a residential garage.

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Jack stands with a capacity of 6 tonnes, made by Hein-Werner, in blue and yellow (Set of 2)

If you need to raise a hefty vehicle, such as a truck or large SUV, you should probably look into purchasing a set of Hein-Werner jack stands. This set can support a weight of six tonnes, which is twice as much as the capacity of the majority of jack stands now available on the market. These supports make use of a ratchet system, and the frame as well as the ratchet bar is both manufactured from sturdy and thick steel, so you can be certain that they will carry out their functions as intended. The device comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer for a period of two years, and it has a lifting range that ranges from 16.25 inches to 25.75 inches.

On a level surface, it is possible that you may discover that these jacks do not sit in a square position. It’s possible that one of the legs is shorter than the rest, which would explain this. The photographs demonstrate that the label states that they are created in the United States of America, but in reality, they are built in the United States using components sourced from across the world.

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Set of Heavy-Duty Jack Stands for Performance Tool Model W41023

The Performance Tool W41023 Heavy-Duty Jack Stand Set is yet another fantastic option that is a strong competitor and earns high marks for its increased safety and durability. This ratcheting-style jack stand is easy, and it employs a plain lifting mechanism, much like the majority of the others that are now available on the market. Since the capacity of these jack stands is either six tonnes or twelve thousand pounds, they are suitable not only for most light-duty vehicles but also for larger trucks and vans. The lift range of 15 1/2 to 23 1/2 inches is relatively typical for most vehicles.

When you are working beneath your vehicle, the double-locking pin is a fantastic additional safety feature that will provide you with additional piece of mind. They are simple to see in most lights and are noticeable because to their brilliant yellow hue, which is another factor that contributes to their high level of safety. There have been reports of their arriving in damaged packing; however, given that each stand weighs around 30 pounds, it is reasonable to anticipate that the box may experience some bumps and crunches during shipment. Make it a priority to swiftly check the stands for any signs of damage in case you end up needing to have them replaced.

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Heavy Duty Jack Stand, Model No. Omega 32225B Black

The Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand is an outstanding and high-quality solution that you should consider purchasing if you need to provide support for heavy equipment or larger cars. These jack stands have an astonishing capacity of 22 tonnes combined (that’s 11 tonnes for each jack, not 22 tonnes for each stand individually). They are able to safely hold a height of up to 19 2/3 inches at the tallest point, with a minimum height of 13 1/3 inches. They have huge saddles that are suited for larger cars because of their ample space. When high weights are applied, the heavy-gauge steel frame and the broad, unibody foundation prevents the structure from twisting and collapsing.

The locking pin is remarkably thick to provide additional stability, and the saddle and jack stand are not two distinct components that have been welded together; rather, they are a unibody structure that is designed to withstand the additional weight. Concerns have been raised over the V-shaped saddle’s awkwardness in comparison to a design that is flatter in profile. In addition, the price of these jack stands is high, but considering the importance of personal safety while working beneath a truck that weighs several tonnes, it is money well spent.

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It is essential that you utilize the jack stands on level ground; otherwise, the car might slide while you are working on it. If the ground is very soft, you may improve the level of support provided by the jack stands by placing them on top of some heavy-duty plywood.

Check that the weight rating on each of the jack stands is equivalent to at least three quarters of the total weight of the vehicle. If your vehicle weighs 4,000 pounds, then the maximum weight capacity of each jack stand should be 3,000 pounds.

After you have successfully lifted your car onto the jack stands, you should check that it is secure by giving it a little shake. Before you begin working on it, you will want to verify that it is securely fastened in its current location.

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