Best Spark Plug Sockets: Top 10

As part of the routine maintenance that should be performed on your vehicle, you should replace the spark plugs in your engine. However, there is no rule that states you have to go to the dealership or hire a technician to install a new set of plugs in your vehicle. Instead, you could invest in a spark plug socket that is reasonably priced and do the task on your own in the garage or driveway.

When it comes to shopping for tools, selecting the appropriate spark plug socket may come down to a matter of personal taste about the brand, or it may simply be a matter of cost. However, before deciding on a particular device, you will first need to discover the exact size of spark plug socket that is required for the vehicle you want to use it on. From that point on, the majority of spark plug sockets are going to have a very similar appearance; nevertheless, there is one key element that you will need to pick between: rubber grommets or magnets. Spark plug sockets that are more economical include rubber grommets on the inside to keep the spark plug in place. Spark plug sockets that are more costly use magnetic holding mechanisms. This, too, may come down to a matter of personal choice, despite the fact that magnetic spark plug sockets are normally more dependable and last a great deal longer than their rubber equivalents do.

You’ll discover a list of the top 10 best spark plug sockets that can be purchased on Amazon down below for your perusal. Some of them are available at really low prices, while others have higher asking prices but come with a selection of different sized sockets. Again, ensure that you are purchasing the appropriate socket for your particular car.

Check out our table of contents if you want to learn more about the many types of spark plug sockets.

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1. GEARWRENCH Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket, the Editor’s Pick gearwrench magnetic swivel spark plug socket

The magnetic swivel spark plug socket from GEARWRENCH was developed to make it as simple and quick as possible for you to change your spark plugs. This spark plug socket has a 5/8-inch drive and measures 6 inches in length. It has a 3/8-inch drive and comes with an all-in-one extension and universal joint that allows for 360 degrees of swivel motion. A knurled grip on the shaft of the tool helps to offer a non-slip surface, which is helpful for applications that need low torque.

This popular tool from GEARWRENCH, much like the other spark plug sockets on our list, has a magnet within the socket. This magnet helps in retaining and protecting the spark plug, making the installation process simpler. In addition, unlike a conventional rubber gasket that is often used in other spark plug sockets, this one does not degrade with time.

Specifications of the Product:

5/8″ spark plug socket 3/8″ drive

Internal magnet with a joint that swivels and extends in one convenient package

Knurled grip


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2. Powerbuilt Spark Plug Socket Set

Do you require a collection of spark plug sockets in various sizes because you work on a range of engines? Spark plug sockets measuring 5/8″, 3/4″, 13/16″, 14mm, and 18mm are all included in the reasonably priced 5-piece kit sold by Powerbuilt. Thin-walled and made from chrome vanadium, these 6-point deep spark plug sockets have a mirror-polished finish and twin grease rings for added convenience. A spark plug is held firmly in place by a rubber retention ring that is located within each socket.

Spark plug sockets manufactured by Powerbuilt are guaranteed to live up to or surpass ANSI requirements and come with a lifetime warranty.

Specifications of the Product:

Set of five sockets measuring 5/8 inches, 3/4 inches, 13/16 inches, 14 millimetres, and 18 millimetres deep and thin, with twin grease rings

Construction made of chrome and vandium, with a mirror-polished finish

Rubber holding ring (not magnetic)

Each socket meets or exceeds ANSI requirements

Warranty good for life


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3. ARES Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket

A wide variety of spark plug sockets are available from ARES; the one you choose will depend on the required size. This specific one is a magnetic socket measuring 5/8 inches in diameter with a swivel extension of 10 inches and a drive measuring 3/8 inches. It is made out of chrome vanadium steel that has been heat treated and has a chrome plating finish. It has an inner magnet that holds the spark plug in place and protects it, in addition to having a swivel motion that rotates through 360 degrees for optimum versatility. If you require a more secure hold on the shaft, the knurled grip might help you achieve that.

Spark plug sockets manufactured by ARES come with a limited lifetime guarantee from the company. If you want a size that is not 5/8 inches, you should be sure to look at the different spark plug sockets that this firm offers.

Specifications of the Product:

5/8″ magnetic socket

Swivel extension of 10 inches

3/8″ drive

Constructed with chrome vanadium steel that has been subjected to heat treatment

Chrome-plated surface coating

Knurled grip 360-degree swivel

Warranty with a limited lifetime coverage


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4. Swivel Magnetic Spark Plug Socket with the LEXIVON Brand

Magnetic swivel spark plug socket with lexivon swivel

The swivel magnetic spark plug socket from LEXIVON may be purchased in either a 5/8-inch or 9/16-inch size. With a ball swivel that rotates smoothly over 360 degrees and a wall design that is relatively thin, this magnetic socket is one of the more reasonably priced options on our list. It has a total length of 6 inches, a drive measuring 3/8 inches, and is made out of chrome vanadium steel that has been hardened, heat treated, and polished to mirror sheen before being chrome plated. The knurled shaft helps avoid slippage, and the laser-etched markings make it simple to determine the correct size.

Spark plug sockets manufactured by LEXIVON are guaranteed to meet or exceed ANSI requirements and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Specifications of the Product:

5/8′′ and 9/16′′ 3/8′′ drive sizes are also available.

Ball swivel with a smooth rotation of 360 degrees


Design with thin walls

Measures total length of 6 inches

Constructed out of chrome vanadium steel that has been aged and subjected to heat treatment

Mirror-like coating with chrome plating.

Shaft with knurls

Laser-etched marks

ANSI requirements are not only met but also exceeded.

Warranty with a lifetime of limited coverage


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5. Apex Tool Group GearWrench Tools Magnetic Spark Plug Service Kit apex tool group gearwrench tools magnetic spark plug service kit

Take a look at the spark plug servicing kit provided by Apex Tool Group if you are someone who works on a range of different engines but is aware that they need a 5/8-inch spark plug socket. This set of extended reach swivel spark plugs comes with lengths of 4 inches, 6 inches, and 11 inches, each of which has magnetic cores. Spark plug sockets of all three lengths measure 5/8 inches in diameter, giving you the flexibility to tackle a variety of tasks with ease. In case you find yourself in a sticky situation, the knurled shafts on the 6 and 11-inch tools will come in handy.

This set comes with a convenient blow mould box that can be used for storage, and Apex Tool Group offers a guarantee that is good for life.

Specifications of the Product:

5/8-inch spark plug swivel sockets are available in three lengths: 4 inches, 6 inches, and 11 inches.

Magnetic core

Knurled shafts on both the 6 inch and the 11 inch tools

The blow mould case is included with this.

Warranty good for life


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6. Neiko Magnetic Spark Plug Socket

Another magnetic spark plug socket measuring 5/8 inches comes from Neiko. This one has an 11-inch extension, swivels 360 degrees, and has a 3/8-inch drive. This spark plug socket is quite similar to many of the others on our list; however, it has an extension that is 11 inches long, making it much longer than the others. Chrome vanadium steel construction ensures a good life and durability. The handle has a curved, knurled grip that offers ergonomic comfort as well as a non-slip surface. A magnetic head design is used on the inside to keep the spark plug in place. To protect it from rust and corrosion, the whole tool has been meticulously cleaned and chrome-plated to provide mirror sheen.

Specifications of the Product:

5/8″ spark plug socket 11″ extension

3/8″ drive 360-degree swivel

Built out of steel with chromium and vanadium

Sculpted and knurled handhold

Magnetic head configuration design

Finish that is fully polished and chrome plated


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7. Craftsman Spark Plug Socket Set

Craftsman provides a spark plug set that is comprised of four individual pieces and is available at a cost that is comparable to that of similar products from other manufacturers. This package comes with spark plug sockets measuring 5/8 inches, 13/16 inches, 3/4 inches, and 18 millimeters. Each spark plug has six contact points. Spark plug sockets made by Craftsman come with an easy-to-read marking system and are supported by the company’s lifetime guarantee, much like the rest of the company’s equipment.

Remember that even though they are made by Craftsman, they do not have any magnetic properties. It has been brought to my attention by a few users that there may be a problem with the rubber lining these spark plug sockets coming away over time.

Specifications of the Product:

Spark plug set with four different sizes (5/8″, 3/16″, 3/4″, and 18mm).

There are six points of contact on each spark plug.

Clearly decipherable marks

Lifetime Warranty on Craftsman Products

They do not have magnetic properties!


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8. Sunex Thin Wall Spark Plug Socket

Spark plug socket with a thin wall for sunex

Need a spark plug socket that’s 16 millimetres in diameter and want to spend as little as possible? This thin wall product that Sunex has to offer may be purchased for less money than a meal combination at your preferred fast food establishment. Given the low cost, one would expect it to include a rubber grommet on its spark plug socket despite its very simple design. This spark plug socket has a wall thickness of only 1.86 millimetres and is incredibly thin, making it a popular choice among car owners that want a very thin wall 16mm socket.

In the event that you want a 16mm socket, the spark plug socket produced by Sunex is an excellent and cost-effective choice. It is made of chrome vanadium steel.

Specifications of the Product:

16mm spark plug socket

Extremely affordable

Rubber grommet (not magnetic!)

Only 1.86 millimeters thick make it an excellent choice for those who want a wall socket with a low profile.

Constructed with steel containing chromium and vanadium


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9. OEMTOOLS Magnetic Spark Plug Socket Set

OEMTOOLS is yet another manufacturer besides Spectra that provides a set of spark plug sockets at an inexpensive price. This 3-piece set comes with sockets measuring 5/8″, 9/16″, and 13/16″ and has deep markings that make them simple to identify. Each of these spark plug sockets is made out of alloy steel that has been heat-treated, and it has a strong chrome finish to prevent corrosion. In addition, each of these spark plug sockets is magnetic. The ends of the sockets have been chamfered, which helps to make the engagement of the fasteners rapid and smooth.

These sockets have knurling on them for improved finger gripping, and their drives are 3/8 inches.

Specifications of the Product:

3-piece set (5/8″, 9/16″, and 13/16″)

3/8″ drive

Chamfered ends

Constructed from alloy steel that has been heat-treated

A finish of hard chrome

Magnetic sockets

Position of the knurling was tuned to provide the finest possible finger grip.


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10. Thin Wall Spark Plug Socket for Pomeat

Spark plug socket with a pomegranate-shaped thin wall.

Pomeat makes a spark plug socket that, when judged only on the basis of its pricing, stands out as being among the most competitively priced options on the market. If you can look beyond Pomeat’s brand name, which is rather bizarre, you’ll find that it this spark plug socket has a thin wall and 12 points. It measures 14mm and has a 3/8-inch drive. The fact that it is manufactured from steel that has been chrome plated and that it is a popular option among automobile owners who want a 14mm thin wall socket further contribute to its popularity. It is not magnetic, which is to be anticipated given the low cost of the item.

Specifications of the Product:

14mm thin wall socket with 12 points and a 3/8″ drive

Extremely affordable

Not magnetic

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