How to Straighten Steering Wheel after Alignment?

Each time a steering wheel is lifted from the post, it’s vital to align the steering wheel. A crooked steering wheel at any given time can cause a dangerous situation for both driver and passengers of a vehicle. This short article will describe how to straighten a steering wheel at home without taking your vehicle into a mechanic or body shop.

A few safety precautions should be taken though before beginning this DIY project. To correctly get rid of any existing damage done on your car, have the tires chocked, pop open the lids of all four tires, and lift one side of your car so that you have enough room underneath your vehicle to work in ( if you do not lift one side of the car, it may fall on you while working under, which will cause serious injury ).

After the safety precautions have been taken, you must first loosen up the lug nuts of your wheels before taking them off. You can use a breaker bar or a wrench to do this. If using a wrench, be careful not to strip the nut as those nuts must stay connected to the car for it to work correctly. Once all four lug nuts are loose, take off each tire and set them aside safely so they will not roll away.

Next, there should be at least three bolts located underneath holding up your steering column ( you probably only see two if you’re looking from inside your vehicle ). Each bolt head should be either silver or gold. Try to avoid using a wrench or ratchet when loosening these bolts, if possible, as it is difficult sometimes to get some of the bolt heads to line up with your tools.

After all three bolts are loose; you can begin rotating your steering wheel around to straighten it out. You must do this instead of just pulling on one side of the steering wheel until straight because not only may it damage your car further but there is always the possibility that your steering wheel could break while doing this which will cause even more problems for yourself and others on the road.

Once enough time has passed or you feel confident that your steering wheel is completely straight, tighten back up all of the bolts which hold up your steering wheel. Now you can go ahead and put your car’s tires back on, tighten down each lug nut, lower the car, check the tightness of each lug nut again.

By following these instructions, it should only take about 15 minutes to straighten out a crooked steering wheel at home without having to bring your vehicle into a body shop. This is important because many auto repair shops do not touch vehicles that are not theirs or will charge their customers outrageous rates for minuscule tasks such as this.

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