Lucid Group, Inc. CEO Peter Rawlinson Salary & Net Worth

Peter Rawlinson Salary & Net Worth

Peter Rawlinson is a well-known name in the world of electric vehicles. First, he was the Tesla Model S’s vehicle engineer, after which his success graph constantly rose. After that, Rawlinson moved on to the Lucid Group, where he rose to the positions of CTO and CEO. He is currently in charge of the Lucid Air’s launch—something about Rawlinson that has sparked a sudden interest.

Salary and Net Worth of Peter Rawlinson

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that much is known about Rawlinson’s pay. As interest in the Lucid Group and its executive leadership grows, this could change in the future. There is currently a shortage of knowledge.

Similar to that, few people know Peter Rawlinson’s financial situation. Because financial information is private information and won’t usually be disclosed, the situation as it is now is normal.

Despite this, at least one source claims to have information indicating Rawlinson has a net worth of around $70 million. The issue is that, as people should remember, it doesn’t provide many reasons for assurance.

Even so, Rawlinson might be pretty wealthy. He is known to have held several significant positions at U.K.-based automakers, which gave him the knowledge and experience necessary to land the position for which he is best known.

Given that he was crucial in releasing Tesla’s flagship vehicle onto the market, it seems reasonable to assume that Rawlinson benefited from the company’s growth. Currently, Rawlinson is the CEO of another electric vehicle producer, where he presumably owns a sizable portion of the stock.

Whatever the case, Rawlinson’s net worth will change significantly soon. The Lucid Group is releasing the Lucid Air, as was already mentioned. It specifically stated that production had begun in September 2021, so deliveries are anticipated to begin in October 2021.

Personal facts about Peter Rawlinson

It is yet to be seen how the Lucid Group will fare now that it is making a serious foray into the electric vehicle market. But it is making such a significant move, suggesting that its share price might experience some significant movement soon.

There are several historical facts about Rawlinson’s family that are known. He may have once considered a career in the fine arts, for instance, which was influenced in large part by his mother being both an artist and a teacher.

He also reportedly received a 1938 Ford 8 from his great-uncle as his first automobile. There are sources that state that Rawlinson is not married right now. However, according to those same sources, he has a committed girlfriend.

Peter Rawlinson, CEO of Lucid Group, received performance-based bonuses totaling more than $260 million the previous year, just before the stock of the EV startup fell by two-thirds.

Business trivia of the Lucid Group, Inc.

The board of Lucid Group granted Rawlinson approximately 13.8 million time-based stock units, which vest over four years beginning at the end of 2021, and 16 million performance-based stock units, in March 2021.April 28, the company valued the entire award at a staggering $556 million. Rawlinson’s $263 million salary in 2021 was one of the highest executive compensation packages.

The performance-based component was based on last year’s fleeting increase in the share price of Lucid Group. Since then, shares of the electric car manufacturer have fallen by over two-thirds as the business tries to ramp up production of luxury class e-sedan but is having trouble with its supply chain.

In July 2021, Lucid began trading on the open market, and by November, it had a market value of $91 billion. According to the filing, the company’s market value persisted at a level over six months that allowed Rawlinson to acquire four of the five tranches of performance-based units.

The remaining 2.1 million performance-based units are still available to Lucid Group’s CEO if the company’s market value reaches and maintains a level of $70.5 billion for six months. At the close of business on April 29, Lucid’s market cap was $29.89 billion. Bloomberg claims that Rawlinson will make significantly more money if he stays at Lucid for the ensuing four years.

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