Mark Mondello Net Worth

Mark Mondello Net Worth

Mark Mondello is the chief executive officer and director of Jabil. In 1992, Mr. Mondello started working for Jabil as a manufacturing supervisor. After that, he became the project manager in 1993 and held the position of senior vice president of business development from 1997 to 2013.

Before joining Jabil, Mr. Mondello worked as a commercial and defense aerospace project manager for Moog, Inc. His mechanical engineering B.S. degree is from the University of South Florida.Since 2013, Mark Mondello, 55, has served as Jabil Inc.’s chief executive officer and director. Additionally, at Jabil Inc., there are 12 younger and 15 older executives.

Thomas Sansone, the Independent Vice Chairman of the Board and the company’s oldest executive, is 70. In this post, you will find more about the net worth and facts about the life of Mark Mondello.

Salary and net worth estimation of Mark Mondello

Mark Mondello’s total salry from Jabil Inc. as the  CEO and director is $12,718,400. As of April 4, 2022, Mark T Mondello’s estimated net worth is at least $168 million. Over the past 19 years, Mr. Mondello has sold JBL stock worth over $28,976,556 while owning over 12,000 units of Jabil Inc stock valued at over $125,987,050. In addition, he receives $12,718,400 from Jabil Inc. as chief executive officer and director.

Since 2003, Mark has traded Jabil Inc. stock more than 86 times, according to Form 4 filed with the SEC. On April 4, 2022, he most recently sold 12,000 shares of JBL stock for $746,400.His most significant transaction was the exercise of 80,500 Jabil Inc. stock units on October 15, 2012, worth over $1,042,475.Since 2003, Mark has traded 12,112 units every 52 days on average. He still holds at least 2,055,589 Jabil Inc stock as of April 4, 2022.

Brief trivia of Mark Mondello

CEO of Jabil Mark, 56, is a lifelong Chicagoan. Besides, he and his wife, Keli, devote much time to volunteering and charitable endeavors. He is a trustee for the All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg. He admires the way his wife faces every challenge in life head-on. Their middle child is disabled from birth.

Mondello enjoyed playing with ideas and had no intention of entering the engineering field. Instead, he watched his meatpacker father fix everything that broke as he grew up in a modestly wealthy family in southern Chicago, silently learning how to fix things from his observation. As a result, he soon discovered that he could fix almost anything, including cars, air conditioners, and motors.

He was a college athlete preoccupied with playing sports; engineering was never on his mind. But when he was in his sophomore year, he realized how much he liked the mechanical program. He considered pursuing a master’s degree but ultimately decided that getting his undergraduate degree in the relevant field was sufficient, so he applied for a position with Moog in East Aurora, New York.

How does Jabil Inc. operate?

Over 260,000 people work for Jabil, a provider of manufacturing solutions, at 100 different locations across 30 different countries. The most well-known brands in the world depend on Jabil’s unrivaled depth and breadth of technical and design capabilities, supply chain insights,  manufacturing know-how, global product management, and end-market experience expertise. In addition, Jabil and its employees are dedicated to positively impacting their neighborhood and the environment because they share a common goal.

Insiders at Jabil Inc. have purchased 160,690 units worth $2,395,308 and sold over $873,165,388 worth of Jabil Inc. stock over the past 22 years. The top insider traders are Audrey M. Petersen, Thomas A. Sansone, and William D. Morean,

On average, executives and independent directors of Jabil Inc. trade stock once every seven days for $1,969,799. Robert L. Katz made the most recent stock transaction on July 29, 2022, exchanging 10,423 units of JBL stock with a market value of $617,980.

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