Review Of Seven Of The Finest Motorcycle Wheel Chocks Available In 2022

Inevitably, if you own a motorbike, you’ll get into a situation in which you need the use of a motorcycle chock at some point. This is a mount for wheels that enables you to stand your motorbike on its side so that you may carry out maintenance or transportation tasks more easily.

There is a wide range of quality found in motorcycle chocks, with some models being more dependable and sturdy than others. One of the reasons why motorists should get the greatest chock that is within their price range is because of this.

What exactly is the function of a motorcycle wheel chock?

A motorbike may be secured in place with the use of trailer chocks for motorcycles while it is being transported or worked on.

The majority of drivers depend on their emergency brakes to do this duty; nonetheless, the device delivers an incomparable level of peace of mind.

In light of this, how critical is it to have the most finest motorbike wheel chocks?

Wheel chocks have a firm hold on the ground, which ensures that your motorbike will not move until they are removed. Because of this, they prevent any movement from occurring.

Wheel chocks provide the function of an anchor base, avoiding damage to the wheel during transportation because of the strain that would otherwise be caused. During the subsequent ride, the lack of a wheel chock may cause the rider to experience strain and instability.

Wheel chocks are an excellent piece of equipment to have when it comes to reducing accidents, especially while moving or servicing bikes. This is because they promote safety.

7 Recommendations for the Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

1. The Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock comes in at number one.

Our top option for the finest motorcycle wheel chock is the Extreme Max 5001.5010, which has a sleek design and a matte finish. This product has earned our recommendation. It is a chock that is simple to lock and will immediately secure the front wheel as soon as the vehicle is pushed into it. The chock is made of steel, so it will survive for a long time, and it has a matte black finish that makes it seem more appealing to the eye.

Because it is constructed with the possibility of carrying numerous bikes at the same time, it is able to occupy a very little amount of space. This efficiency does not jeopardize the stability of your bike in any way, whether you are repairing it, storing it, or transporting it. The chock has a high degree of adjust-ability and can accommodate wheels with a diameter ranging from 17 to 21 inches owing to its various rear wheel cradle modifications.

Additionally included are a sturdy front cross bar as well as a boot, all of which contribute to the system’s exceptional degree of stability. The process of bolting the chock together is straightforward and suitable for novices. You have the option of purchasing the ordinary edition of this product or upgrading to the deluxe variant. The second option requires extra payment and comes with a variety of accessories such as tie downs, ratchets, metal hooks, safety clips, and so on.

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2. MaxxHaul Motorcycle Wheel Chock, Model Number 70075

Reviews of motorcycle wheel chocks aren’t considered to be comprehensive unless they include an examination of the MaxxHaul 70075. The fact that it can accommodate wheels of a variety of sizes is the aspect that stands out the most about it. It has three different position brackets that are compatible with the majority of conventional motorbike wheels. Once a motorbike wheel is rolled into this chock, it, like the majority of chocks, immediately locks the wheel. It is simple to use, and a single person is sufficient to do the task.

This is a fantastic option for anybody who places a premium on maximum dependability and consistency but does not want to break the cash in the process. It has a reasonable price, and due to the fact that it has a universal design, it can be used on almost any motorbike. Heavy-duty steel and a powder coat finish, which increases the material’s rust resistance, are used to create the sturdy construction. This helps to avoid accidents by ensuring that you have a solid grasp on your motorbike. In addition to that, it enables installation in external environments.

The bolts that are included in the package can be used to attach the bottom plate to any kind of surface, which makes assembly a breeze. Users are able to load and unload their bicycles with ease because to the cradle’s pivoting design.

Features to Be Particularly Noted:

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3. Trailer-Only Chock for Condor SC-2000 Trailers

If you are looking for a trailer chock for your motorbike, the Condor SC-2000 is an excellent option to consider. When used in its capacity as a trailer chock, it is able to keep motorbikes in an upright posture on almost any surface. It can support bikes that weigh up to 3,000 pounds each without any problems. Additionally, front and rear wheels ranging in diameter from 14 to 22 inches may be chocked with this device.

One of the most notable features is the innovative locking system that keeps bikes in an upright posture while they are not in use. The adjustable cradle may be used with a variety of motorcycles, from dirt bikes to sport bikes. It is suitable with all of these sorts of bikes. The loading and unloading of this chock does not need a lot of work, despite the fact that it has such a large capacity.

A handful of tie-down straps provide further protection for the item in question. They are simple to put together and take apart. Since it is not required to over-tighten the straps, you do not need to be concerned about causing damage to the suspension system. It is simple to put away the wind since all that is required of you is to fold it down.

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4. Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock by MaxxHaul Model No. 70271

The MaxxHaul 70271 is a product that should be taken into consideration if you are searching for a motorbike front wheel chock with a large capacity. It can support up to 1800 pounds at its full capacity. This choke is very adaptable and can be used on its own without any help, despite the great level of power it has. It comes with a wheel locking mechanism that can be adjusted to accommodate wheels ranging in size from 15 to 22 inches in diameter and 3 to 5 inches in width. There is a wide range of motorbike wheels available here.

The chock is made of steel and has a coating that prevents corrosion. Its construction is long-lasting. This enables installation in outdoor spaces and ensures long-term dependability. The cradle has six different adjustment settings, giving it more adaptability. In addition to this, it offers unparalleled steadiness and safety.

The MaxxHaul 70271 is a chock that automatically locks and can be mounted on any level surface. It stays upright by the use of the weight of your bicycle. Anchor points provide an additional layer of protection.

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5. Dragway Tools Fixed Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock, 1500 Pounds Capacity

Dragway Tools

Someone who values a fluid riding experience will benefit greatly from purchasing the Dragway Tools 1500lbs Fixed Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock. It is suitable for use as a trailer as well as storage, and it needs very little upkeep. You may install it on a truck bed, a trailer, or any other level surface. The chock can accommodate front motorbike wheels of between 16 and 21 inches in diameter. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for both lightweight sports bikes and heavier motorcycles like the Harley Davidson.

It is constructed of high-grade alloy steel, which contributes to its long-lasting nature. Additionally, it contributes extra strength, which enables a maximum load of 1500 pounds to be supported. With this chock, loading and unloading a motorbike may be accomplished with ease by a single person. It is constructed to lock into place and maintain the upright posture of the front wheel.

There is a safety lock that prevents the bicycle from falling out of the carrier while it is being transported. When you pull back on the bike, the chock will automatically release the wheel it was holding. The upper of the shoe has two adjustment holes, which together give a greater degree of adaptability. Additionally included are four rubber feet, each of which offers a secure grip on the surface upon which it is placed.

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6. Adjustable Wheel Chock Stand GoPlus for Motorcycles and Scooters

Choke for the front wheel of a Goplus motorbike

This motorbike wheel chock is highly dependable and gives a great deal of value considering the number and quality of functions it has. Whether you are putting it away or transporting it, your motorbike will remain in a secure and upright posture thanks to this accessory. It is characterized by a robust design that incorporates steel bars to provide the highest possible levels of stability and strength. Powder coating protects against corrosion for many years to come and is applied to all of the metal components.

One of the standout features is a rotating bracket in the form of a V. It is compatible with almost all standard motorcycle tyres ranging in size from 76 millimeters to 130 millimeters. The bracket is secured to the wall by a circular bar in the middle, which also functions as an adjustment mechanism.

A revolutionary locking mechanism allows the GoPlus Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock to hold your bike in an upright posture on any level surface. It has a very high resistance to stress and can hold up to 900 kg. You won’t have any trouble parking even the heaviest-duty motorbikes or the most heavily laden bicycles. Even while parking on sloping slopes, the additional stability provided by the crossbar’s two bolts will not be compromised.

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7. Heavy Duty Motorcycle Wheel Chock for EGO Bikes (EGO Bike)


This wheel chock for motorcycles has been given a powder coating and was constructed with durability and steadiness in mind. It comes with a lot of useful features while being affordable. It is suitable for wheels with a diameter ranging from 15 to 22 inches and a width of 76 to 130 millimeters. Solid steel and a powdercoat finish that boosts the item’s resilience to the elements contribute to its long-lasting construction.

There are two eye loops located on each side, which provide for easy strapping. This chock has a design that allows it to stand on its own, making it simple to put on the bed of a truck, the floor of a trailer, or any other level surface. Our one, like the majority of the other types on this list, has an automated locking mechanism for the wheels.

Because it can be adjusted, it is an excellent option for the majority of motorcycle wheels. The chock is quite sturdy and has a load capacity of 1800 pounds, which is rather impressive. A person who is always pressed for time and does not like to fuss over minute particulars might benefit much from making this acquisition.

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