Top 7 Car Brands That Start With B

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, one should always be aware of the specific brand he or she is buying. With so many different brands on the market today, it’s important to have an idea of what type of vehicle you are looking for. Here are 7 car brands that start with B.

1. BENTLEY (1919-Present)

2. BMW (1916-Present)

3. BUGATTI (1909-Present)

4. BUICK (1903-Present)

5. BORGWARD (1919-Present)

6. BUFORD (1986-Present)

7. BYTON (2016-Present)


With over 16 different models in production, Bentley is a well-known car brand that started with the letter B. It all began when a young man went to France and saw a French car that had been built by another company. Impressed by what he’d seen, he decided to build his luxury vehicle – and thus the first Bentley was made! this British brand is known for its classic yet sleek look. They have several 4-door models on the market today including the Bentayga (SUV), Continental GT & GTC (convertible), Flying Spur (saloon car), The company has had its fair share of struggles over the years but has always managed to come back and make a name for itself in the industry.


Bugatti is a French manufacturer which was founded in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti. The brand logo shows the racehorse and rider which symbolizes speed, elegance, and precision. The company’s headquarters are in Molsheim, Alsace, France. Apart from luxury cars, it has exhibited art pieces including furniture and jewelry at major exhibitions around the world. One of its most popular car models is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 introduced in 2005 which can cost up to 2 million dollars depending on customizations made.


BMW- In 1916, Karl Friedrich Rapp establishes a company called Rapp Motorenbau and later changes the name to BMW. The company is a leading manufacturer of aircraft engines for Germany during World War I and World War II. After WWII ends, the factory was dismantled by the Allied powers as war reparations. BMW survived as a motorcycle manufacturer until 1951 when it introduced its first automobile aimed to take on Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen as one of Germany’s premier luxury car manufacturers.


Buick- In 1903, David Dunbar Buick founds the Buick Motor Company based out of Flint, Michigan. He produced his first engine for an automobile in 1904. In the following years, Buick has developed into one of the leading automotive brands in America producing quality automobiles at affordable prices. Today, Buick is part of the GM family along with other well-known car companies like Chevrolet and Cadillac).


The Borgward group produces four brands of cars: Borgward, Hansa, Goliath, and Lloyd. However, the brand is revived again by the late founder’s grandson with the help of his business partner and the investment from Foton Motor Inc. 

The brand was founded in 1919 by Carl Borgward, initially as a repair company for marine engines. Carl later started his own business that manufactured and marketed steel parts for passenger cars, trucks, and buses. Over time, the trend of automobile production became prominent with Carl’s creations being produced by manufacturing companies all over Germany.


The company originally used the colloquial abbreviation “Bendor” to refer to its cars, but eventually switched to Buford. These vehicles were hand-built from aluminum alloy and machine-pressed steel panels. All of the materials are sourced from Australia and New Zealand, except exterior paint that is custom mixed by a third-party supplier in Italy.

The company’s initial models included three sedans: the Phaeton (which was introduced first), Silverbullet (introduced next), and Lincoln’s (the last). It also produced two coupes: soon and Typhoon. The latter was introduced much later. The company has a supersonic car that is powered by a six-cylinder engine that was designed and built in-house.


The Byton M-Byte is a fully electric four-door compact SUV designed by the company’s design team, based in Munich & Nanjing, and manufactured in China. The M-byte has a 71 kWh battery pack that can be charged through a 150 kW fast-charging station or a 50 kW DC charger (7 hours for full charge). The vehicle will reach 0 to 97 km/h (60 mph) in less than 4 seconds and will have access to Tesla Superchargers starting from 2020. The interior of the car offers two separate zones: one for work and one for entertainment, with different user interfaces and settings

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